ASK Pediatrics Practice Philosophy 



Dr. Bailey is extraordinarily privileged to offer pediatric care to your children. She believes that children, parents, and pediatric providers must work together as a team to provide excellent pediatric healthcare. To ensure that she is providing your children with the best care possible, she is passionate about remaining current with the latest pediatric developments and approaches to children's health.  She discusses and agrees upon the specific pediatric plan with the family before any plan is implemented. 


Growing up Healthy 

Dr. Bailey's goal is to advise parents through the many adventures of parenthood.  She is also focused on guiding her patients through their unique journeys from childhood to adulthood.  Medicine is not only a science, but an art.  It is for this reason that Dr. Bailey uses her skills to communicate, nurture, and inspire each of her patients on a daily basis. 


Your Family is Our Family 

Dr. Bailey understands just how precious each child is to his or her parents, and as such she will always provide each child and family with individualized attention and care. She is also grateful for being a willing recipient of the wisdom imparted by parents and children, helping her to become a better pediatric provider.  Dr. Bailey is committed to continuing to enhance her practice, and she looks forward to the opportunity to continue to grow with the children and families of ASK Pediatrics! Please contact us any time with questions or concerns. 

      COVID-19 Workflow Changes


We know that the circumstances in the past few days have been eye-opening.  As we consider undertaking major behavioral and social changes to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, we at ASK Pediatrics wanted to keep you informed.   

 Given the extreme shortages of testing, the nearly impossible criteria to qualify for current available testing, and the highly contagious nature of this virus,  we must accept that it is in our community.   Though this idea may be shocking to some, it is a reality and must be taken seriously.   


However, this is not the time to panic.  We have begun undertaking steps to ensure decreased virus spread and to practice as much "social distancing" at this time to protect the health of you and your child.   

 It is for this reason that we wanted to let you know about a couple of changes that we are making to our regular workflow:

1) We be seeing a majority of visits via video chat at this time.  New baby and vaccine visits will be in-person visits.

2) Telehealth visits will be seen by Dr. Bailey via video chat on the computer. In order to participate, we ask that you have your smartphone available and that your contact information is updated in our system (see below).  Each telehealth visit will be a fully scheduled visit and she will be able to prescribe and send medicine to the pharmacy, if needed, for each situation.  Please call the office as you normally would to schedule a visit. 

3)  We ask that you still call to schedule visits  as you normally would during this time and call the nurse for triage questions so that they may put you on the schedule. 

4) Please pre-register for your appointments with the text and email links sent out before each visit. This will help us have your most updated information.  We are currently using a program which will helps update any current information and accepts co-pays, makes billing arrangements.  We ask that you fill out the questions in their entirety in order to keep the process more efficient. 

5) For calls after 5 pm, we will still have our after hours service and text line available.  We will also respond to emergent calls to advise patients on where they should go and what they should do based on symptoms. 

6) We ask that if there is an issue that your child may be having, that you don’t wait until the last minute to let us know about it.  Waiting until a problem becomes too severe increases the chance of an urgent care or a hospital visit, which could potentially put you or your child at further risk.


 We need every single one of our patients and their families to take this novel coronavirus and its implications seriously.  It is for this reason, we ask that you DO NOT overwhelm the urgent cares and ERs during this time.  Coronavirus is in our community.  In order to decrease the spread of the virus, we ask that you observe proper preventive measures like wearing a mask and maintaining “social distancing” during this time.   

 We are dedicated to caring for our patients and ask that we all focus on being good citizens and helping one another during this time.  Please take this seriously.  Please call us and trust us with your children's healthcare needs. Take care and be safe! 

We look forward 
to seeing you soon!
Aisha D. Bailey, DO

Dr. Bailey is a Board-certified physician who knew that she wanted to be a pediatrician from the age of three.  Born in Boston, MA, Dr. Bailey and her family also lived in Texas before finally settling in Connecticut.  Throughout her life, she maintained her goal of becoming a pediatrician while also becoming the CEO of Aisha & Co., a toy company created from her patented designs.  She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University and is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine.  She completed her residency in General Pediatrics at the K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital in Neptune, NJ (Jersey Shore Medical Center) before completing a faculty fellowship in Neuromuscular Medicine at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, NJ.

Dr. Bailey combines her training in Neuromuscular Medicine and General Pediatrics to offer a unique pediatric practice that focuses on each child's whole health. She has always had a love of children and strives to treat all of her families with respect and dignity.