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Ear Piercing services offered in Tallahassee, FL

If your child enjoys expressing themself through fashion choices, it might be time to consider ear piercing. Aisha Bailey, DO, and the team at ASK Pediatric Services in Tallahassee, Florida, perform pediatric ear piercings using safe clinical practices and sterile medical-grade instruments. Schedule your child’s ear piercing appointment with the team at ASK Pediatric Services over the phone or online today.

What is ear piercing?

Ear piercing is a service available to children and adolescents at ASK Pediatric Services. While it’s not a medical treatment or procedure, the team performs ear piercing according to all safety protocols and uses sterile, surgical-grade instruments to pierce your child’s earlobes. 

Before your child’s ear piercing, the team goes over your family medical history and asks about any ongoing conditions affecting your child’s health. Ear piercing is safe for most people, but certain health conditions can affect the healing process. 

The ASK Pediatric Services team also advises that your child avoid taking medications that hasten bleeding, such as aspirin, before the procedure. 

By getting your child’s ears pierced by trusted medical professionals, you can rest assured your child is in safe hands. The team talks to you about the process as well as the equipment they use. 

What should I expect during my child’s ear piercing?

When you bring your child in for ear piercing at ASK Pediatric Services, the piercings take place in a clean and well-lit medical office setting. 

Though ear piercing can cause brief discomfort, it’s not painful enough to require anesthesia. The team helps your child relax and feel confident ahead of the procedure, making the process as fun and interesting as possible.

The team marks the spots where they intend to place the holes in your child’s ears and makes sure you and your child agree they look even. Then, each ear piercing takes just seconds. The team uses a long, slender sterile needle to create a hole in your child’s earlobe and completes the procedure by placing a stud earring in the hole. 

At the end of the appointment, your child leaves with fashionable ears. After the healing process, they can switch out their original earrings for a pair that helps them express their personality.

How should I care for my child’s new ear piercings?

ASK Pediatric Services sends you off with detailed aftercare instructions so you can manage your child’s piercings as they heal. By following these instructions closely, you can avoid complicated-to-treat infections or skin problems like scars and keloids. 

You should care for your child’s new ear piercings by:

  • Cleaning the holes twice a day
  • Using a mild soap and water, or rubbing alcohol, to clean the piercings
  • Encouraging your child to avoid touching their new piercings
  • Avoiding pools and hot tubs until the piercings have healed
  • Leaving the piercings in place rather than taking them out

You should immediately let the ASK Pediatric Services team know if your child’s ear piercings have signs of infection like excessive discharge or swelling and redness. 

Schedule your child’s safe ear piercing appointment over the phone or online at ASK Pediatric Services today.

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